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Infinix Mobile was officially launched in 2013. It is a Hong Kong based company. It has research and development centers in the city of Shanghai (China) and Paris (France). The phones are manufactured in China. Infinix was founded from the global online start-up and venture capital scene. As of March 2023, Infinix is the 9th most popular smartphone brand of Bangladesh with 2.87% market share. (source: statcounter)

Business Strategy

Infinix Mobile started its business in Bangladesh in the year 2016. But they didn’t have any physical shop or a service center. Rather, they started to sell their phones directly via a local online shop. The design, specs and pricing of their models were very attractive. However, not having any physical shop or service center has been a challenge for building a loyal consumer base in the country. But on the other hand, there is a much lower need for investment, risk and required business management for this company. Thus the chance of doing a profitable business is higher even with a lower amount of sales. Moreover, it also allows the brand to offer their smartphones at a much lower price.

However as of 2021, Infinix Mobile established physical shops and service centers all across in the country where the consumers can directly purchase their official phones and get service. This will surely help the brand to make a much stronger place in the market.

The Future of Infinix in Bangladesh

Infinix belongs to one of the modern and up to date smartphone brands with good specs and pricing. Recent phones like Infinix Note 12 Pro, Note 12 2023, Note 12 G96, Note 12 G88 etc. got fine response from the market. So, they have the potential to become one of the leading brands in Bangladesh.

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