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Latest Meizu Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2024

Meizu 21 Note
Meizu 21 Note
BDT 45,500.00
Meizu 21 Pro
Meizu 21 Pro
BDT 80,990.00


Meizu the Brand

Meizu is among the internationally recognised Chinese brands. Meizu began their journey as a company in the year 2003. Back then they were only producing few electric devices such as MP3 and MP4 players. In 2008, Meizu expanded their business and entered the demanding and competitive smartphone market of China. Meizu's first phone was called Meizu M8.


It didn't take too long for Meizu to become one of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers of China. In the first 6 months of 2015, they sold 8.9 million smartphones worldwide (source: Wikipedia). After that, they focused on gaining customers in more countries around the globe. As a consequence, end of July 2016, Meizu officially introduced their phones in Bangladeshi market. Their first authorised dealer is SQ Group.

Quality of Meizu Phones

China has gained a bad reputation among the Bangladeshi smartphone consumers as many Chinese companies are producing and supplying low quality duplicate smartphones here. It also effects worldwide popular and reputative brands like Xiaomi. When people hear that this is a Chinese brand, many perceive them as a duplicate bad quality phone producer. This may also be a challenge for Meizu in Bangladesh. Although Chinese brand like Huawei gained quick popularity with their highly professional service and elegant marketing campaigns combined with really attractive, durable, price-worthy phones. Meizu phones are overall of good quality and reasonable priced. Now, they only need to build authentic service and presence.

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